Anonymous asked: hiii ^^ /post/58520290964/jea-breaks-down-on-the-roller-coaster where is the video? i cant find it lol btw are their any videos of beg like on variety shows or something??

Sorry I can only find a download link for you >_< but there are some good shows with eng subs on the awesome blog. And this is a youtube channel collecting videos related to BEG. If you want to watch old shows which they all appear on, here are few ones (though I’m not sure if they’re still available :s)

Brown Eyed Girls’ title songs (2006-2013)

The difference between promoting with older members and doing alone

42/100 of Gain

Be careful if you meet this woman in hospital.

I used to be nice, soft and tender but if I keep going crazy like this
Because of you – I’ll change into something strong

Anonymous asked: Hi, um, sorry to bother you but would you happen to know which song Ga In is performing in your latest gifset? Love love love your blog btw <3

Thank you so much <3 The name of the song is called ‘I Still Do Not Know’. And here's the link, enjoy!

Gain’s aegyo

24 Hours - Gain ver.